What is a Knife in humans habitual thought? Kitchen instrument? Good gift for chef friend? Japanese blacksmiths have very strong belief that all knives or tools have their own soul. In the real japanese forging tradition it's all about hand work from start to the end. We don't use machines for sharping or shaping, because this would heat the blade in the process and lower the quality. Also handmade steel bar have no 100% the same homogenous level of high carbon steel through all blade lengh (unlike the knives from factory) and this fact makes deep inside structure of steel look like puzzle; which gives a blade uniqueness and have it more quality. This is why all world -known chefs prefer to use only hand -forged knives. But this is only one small part of reasons why hand-forged knife is better than factory knife and why it is worth every dollar it cost. In my workshop you may find my hand-forged knives made from old true japanese technologies. With you i make my skill even better.

Hello dear visitor. My name is Nanami, I am 24 years old girl and all my life I was a craftwoman. Since childhood, I was fond of various types of creativity, drawing, sculpture, modeling, and gradually it began to bring income and a lot of interesting expirience and pleasure.I fully devote myself to my profession and to things that I do in my workshop. I improve my skills over and over again.
"Creating" -is my lifestyle I hope you will like all the products that I making.